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About JSK


Joy Street Kids is a baby and kid's pajama and apparel company that offers classic and understated prints that pay tribute to the places we love. The prints are all hand-drawn by Founder, Eliza, and the product is produced by a small female run factory in Peru using 100% Pima Cotton and water based prints.

Founder Eliza came up with the concept for Joy Street Kids while on the hunt for a special Boston-themed baby gift for a friend. She was looking for something classic and iconic to Boston but could only find sports team onesies. As a casual artist, Eliza started to sketch the elements and details of Boston she knows and loves. At a glance, the print is meant to register as so subtle that it could be a cute ditsy print, or modern toile. But when looking closely, both kids and their parents can have fun looking for their favorite iconic local places and "things" along with a scattering of tongue in cheek doodles to make you laugh and think!

Hometown pride is so important particularly in times like these, it brings communities together and reminds us of what we love about our homes and what makes them unique. Regardless of our backgrounds we all share pride and love in where we are from! Joy Street Kids hopes to allow littles to wear their hearts on their sleeve and Eliza hopes to spread laughter and spark conversation and community through her product and prints. 

Eliza named Joy Street Kids after the street where her first apartment in Boston was located. She is excited to now be sharing the joy of Joy Street Kids beyond Boston with custom drawn prints of cities and towns across the country and beyond. Keep an eye out for new prints coming in the months ahead!